The events of 2020 have had quite an impact on how and where businesses operate and are driving future trends in the workplace. The trend toward a hybrid workforce is driving all organizations to invest in new technology to ensure business continuity. 

According to IDC's COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Survey, the percentage of the workforce working from home has risen to 211% since the beginning of 2020. IDC's June 2020 Generational Print Survey shows that 63% of global respondents indicated that some portion of their work occurs at home, while 41% indicated that a work location change of "working from home exclusively" occurred in 2020.

In this technology spotlight, learn about how “digitally-determined” SMBs are navigating the next normal by implementing a multi-channel customer communication strategy. Learn about:

  • The earmarks of the digitally determined SMB
  • Factors driving the need for document process automation 
  • Prime use cases for workflow automation, such as managing outbound communications, automating invoice delivery and optimizing cash collection.

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