Improve Unemployment Agency Operations by Modernizing Communications

Hands cupped together and holding customer icons

COVID-19 restricted a lot of business operations. With millions of Americans losing their jobs, the Unemployment and other social services agencies had to address the urgent needs of constituents, managing claims and communications. These the large influx of claims and communications caused system breakdowns – often failing, leaving citizens unable to file claims for urgently needed benefits and information. These breakdowns have prompted agencies to audit processes and technologies.

Housing Authorities need to use the communication channels that easily, and reliably, connect with an individual. An integrated, omnichannel communications platform, like Quadient Inspire Flex, a modern communications platform that unifies data and allows citizens easy self-service options supported by fillable PDFs and advanced electronic forms to submit claims and respond to requests for information is needed.  In addition to advanced form functionality, omnichannel communications that can be sent via preferred channels - including email, web, SMS, print, and others – are critical to increasing engagement. Quadient Inspire Flex, powers better service and positive experiences for employees and customers, while maintaining compliance and streamlining work processes. Inspire Flex also offers significant operational and cost efficiencies to agencies.

With a customer communications management platform you can:

  • Improve service delivery
  • Track the communications journey
  • Reduce reliance on IT
  • Reduce compliance risk and increase agility

Get your copy here and discover how Quadient Inspire Flex can improve agency communications for your organization.