Inspire Journey: how it works

Journey management driving the world's most empathetic customer experiences

Inspire Journey: how it works

Jumpstart your path to total customer-first CX transformation 

Inspire Journey is comprised of strategic cloud-based capabilities that work together to leverage insights into actionable, exceptional customer experience. 

How can it move your CX department up the value chain? Grab a copy of the infographic to share quick insight into the power of customer journey management. 

Deepen empathy with living, breathing customer dashboards 

Comprehensive visualization lets every employee experience a journey as a customer does, linking each touchpoint of the lifecycle in a global map. Cutting-edge collaborative design and dynamic mapping tools enable remote collaboration and orchestration across your entire enterprise.

Leverage data for powerful personalization

Inspire journey is the only journey management solution that integrates data directly into maps to analyze, inform and orchestrate personalized customer communications. Dynamically connect to every interaction point for accurate insights into each individual customer’s needs and track their journeys in real-time across all channels.

Identify the right actions at the right moment 

Inspire Journey’s interactive tools maximize ROI by letting you identify critical touchpoints and prioritize the most impactful improvements for your transformation strategy.

Orchestrate exceptional experiences 

With a deep contextual understanding of each customer journey, your CX specialists are empowered to orchestrate unique experiences for every customer with data-driven next-best actions.