Lincoln Financial Group achieves audacious ambitions with Quadient Inspire

Lincoln Financial case study

At 115 years old, Lincoln Financial Group had grown in many ways, including through the acquisitions which brought myriad products and technology platforms to the organization. With four lines of business offering multiple products and their own P&L and sales forces for distribution, and the corporate functions all supported by the enterprise IT function, there was a lot of technology to pull together to deliver a great customer experience – whether for a customer such as the policyholder or the internal customer who sells products.

The Fortune 200 financial institution set ambitious goals for a digital transformation strategy that would ultimately improve customer experience for their 17 million clients as well as internal employees.

Quadient® Inspire was chosen as one of the foundational components of the platform to drive electronic communications. Key achievements include:

  • Greatly improved customer experience
  • Quick, efficient, low-risk digital transformation
  • Weeks of processing time were reduced to minutes
  • Decreased issues most error-prone form to zero
  • Significant savings recognized by eliminating print notices

“Customer experience is everything. We are driving toward a seamless digital experience and meeting our customers where they want to be met. We are improving the whole experience throughout, and we’re able to do it very quickly with very low risk.”
- Matt Daniels, VP and Chief Architect at Lincoln Financial Group

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