Moments that Matter in Utilities

‘Moments of truth' are make-or-break instances along a customer’s journey that present a decision point. If executed well, the customer continues on their journey doing business with the brand; if executed poorly, it’s likely the customer will stop doing business with the brand. Each moment of truth is an opportunity for the brand to differentiate.

This ebook provides insight into the critical customer touchpoints within the utilities industry across the customer lifecycle, as well as explaining how utility companies can engage with their customers in a rapidly changing field.

Readers will learn:

  • A detailed understanding of the utilities industry moments of truth
  • Innovative ideas for improving the customer experience throughout their lifecycle
  • How important time, value, and convenience is to the modern utility customer
  • Why customers just want the lights to work in a world where businesses feel the need to woo customers
  • How to approach the digital distruption challenge head on

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