Payment fraud

The pandemic taught companies of all sizes that manual processes create dangerous gaps in maintaining and strengthening robust financial controls. It’s important for companies to understand the risk exposures created and amplified as AP and treasury staffs operate in an evolving remote reality. Drivers of AP complexity emerge as companies grow across borders and expand in customers and/or suppliers. 

Fraudsters have become even more active, and this presents challenges as companies focus on how to deliver value to customers in the next normal.

Watch this webinar as we review the key results of leading payment fraud and control surveys. Treasury expert Ernie Humphrey will share best practices companies are leveraging to mitigate and even eliminate payment risk exposures in any environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the best practices to mitigate and eliminate payment risk exposure
  • Summarize key results of leading payment fraud and control surveys
  • Identify the challenges of delivering value to customers when fraudsters have become even more active