Permanent TSB modernizes customer communications, takes it in-house with Quadient Inspire

PTSB case study

Permanent TSB (PTSB), a leading provider of retail and SME banking in the Irish market, accelerated their digital transformation when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, including bringing the management of customer correspondence back in-house to enable the digital distribution of its correspondence to meet changing customer needs. Over 24 months, PTSB had an objective to increase the volume of digital correspondence it sends to customers and reduce the reliance on traditional print letters in order to enhance the customer experience, reduce costs, and help achieve PTSB’s sustainability objectives. Migrating the management of correspondence in-house using Quadiant® Inspire was the first step in this digital journey. 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant directed them to Quadient, who provided them with solution capabilities to do both batch and on-demand communications. PTSB adopted Quadient Inspire Flex, specifically the Interactive, Scaler, and Content Manager modules.

Quadient Inspire Flex allowed PTSB to consolidate output, reduce the number of templates they used, and compose and produce print-ready PDF files for batch correspondence. It also enabled them to introduce omni-channel communication delivery initially for their digital accounts, with plans to extend to a wider range of customer origination and servicing journeys.

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