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The Two Key License Management Types & How to Challenge

If your organization is planning for a recession, then it's safe to assume that your Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology vendor is too. To maintain profits in a downturned economy, software vendors often look for alternative revenue streams. Vendors with less transparent billing practices have a go-tactic: increasing the frequency and scrutiny of software contract audits to identify usage overages that they can use to justify fees or a new licensing agreement with higher prices. 

Don't allow yourself to fall victim to a surprise audit. Get the white paper and learn:

  • The two most common approaches to license (aka 'entitlement') management

  • Tips for how to successfully challenge software audits and remain in control

  • Ways to prevent unexpected surcharges and non-compliance in the future

  • How to identify vendors that offer fixed, transparent pricing

Don't allow an audit to steal your hard-earned CCM budget. Learn how you can prevent & prepare!