Quadient Archive and Retrieval Brochure

Powerful archival and retrieval for improved customer experience

a photo of archives documents files and folders

Most organizations have multiple disconnected legacy archives containing mission-critical documents of record and historical data. New regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA require that companies have quick and easy access to customer data and historical documentation, which is not possible with legacy siloed infrastructure.


Quadient Archive & Retrieval is a high-performance, highly scalable technology that enables you to meet today's compliance standards and improve customer experience by providing quick access to historical documents and data across all channels.


It integrates seamlessly with the world's leading customer communications management (CCM) solution, Quadient Inspire. Unlike other solutions, Quadient Archive & Retrieval was specifically designed and built to handle large output volumes and document formats that are typical in a CCM environment. When used together, these powerful technologies enable you to create compelling experiences through meaningful and personalized batch and on-demand omnichannel communications.


With Quadient Archive & Retrieval, you will:

  • Meet today's compliance standards
  • Improve the customer and employee experience
  • Eliminate storage silos
  • Improve efficiency


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