Quadient utilizes its own CXM portfolio to win over talent

Quadient HR case study

Competition for talent has never been fiercer. The Employee Experience team within Quadient’s Human Resources knew that they needed to put their “best faces” forward in order to attract and keep top talent as Quadient’s business continues to grow.

HR turned to Quadient’s own industry-leading customer experience management (CXM) portfolio—Inspire Evolve for customer communications and Inspire Journey for journey mapping—to deliver more personalized, automated communications leveraging customer journey mapping and emotion scoring.

Using Inspire Journey, the Talent Acquisition team was able to identify pain points in the recruitment process, and then use Inspire Evolve to mitigate them. Inspire Evolve was also utilized to drastically reduce manual work for HR staff, saving time, speeding up processes, and improving accuracy in HR documents.

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