Santander Bank UK Analyst Report

Santander Bank UK was recognized with a 2019 Celent Model Bank Award for their cutting-edge Corporate Digital Onboarding (CDO) experience through the use of digital forms powered by Quadient Inspire.

Key achievements include:
• Greatly improved customer experience
• Significant reduction in onboarding and customer data entry time
• Single digital communication at the point of account opening
• Improved back office performance

Santander UK recognized the power of excelling at client onboarding: competitive differentiation at the beginning of the relationship, and expedited customer engagement and service utilization. They built a cutting-edge Corporate Digital Onboarding (CDO) thanks to their comprehensive, customer- and employee-centric approach, use of dynamic digital forms with Quadient Inspire, API-based services, and RPA functionality.

This Celent case study examines the implementation and how Santander UK is leveraging Quadient Inspire to improve their commercial onboarding process.

Download a copy of the case study to learn more.