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 Watch on demand now – This webinar took place June 9th, 2022 

Emerging technology is forever changing how small to medium-sized businesses are managing their operations. New digital tools are helping businesses optimise processes, streamline workflow while improving client interactions and relationships.

One of the keys to building and maintaining stronger client relationships is ensuring that mandatory communications such as invoices, notifications, contracts and legal documents are sent in a timely manner and, for some, meeting regulatory requirements. But, as a small to medium sized business how, do you identify the right document delivery platform to fit your needs and your budget?

In the recording of this webinar, Valerie Colin, VP of Global Product Marketing at Quadient is joined by Ashley Vos, Process Improvement Manager of RowCal, a full-service property management company, to discuss how they have optimised their operations by successfully automating their client communications process. 

By downloading this customer discussion webinar recording you'll learn:

  • How RowCal optimised their outbound communications, saved money and achieved a rapid ROI
  • How your business can benefit by offloading your document delivery processes
  • How you can smartly and easily manage client communications with an intuitive cloud-based software solution


Valarie Colin

Valerie Colin

Vice President Global Product Marketing, IDA

Valerie Colin is Vice President Product Marketing, Intelligent Document Automation with Quadient.  With a primary focus on small and medium-sized businesses, Valerie delivers a tangible solution-oriented approach for common challenges encountered by mid-market customers. Valerie delivers value with each engagement based on her vast experience with customer success and positive outcomes provided to her clients.  

Ashley Vos

Ashley Vos

Process Improvement Manager, RowCal

Ashley Vos is an Operations Manager at RowCal with focus in process improvements and client onboarding. RowCal is an HOA property management specialist and innovator, bringing The Smarter Way to HOA to thriving communities throughout the Midwest.