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Why Choose Beanworks?

“We’ve been able to go 85-90% paperless”

– Radisson Blu shares their AP automation story

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See why our customers say it's just easier with Quadient AP powered by Beanworks

Case Study

Elemental Energy

AP challenges had existed long before the pandemic at Elemental Energy. But with the subsequent lockdowns and the sudden shift to hybrid work, routine tasks came to a standstill. Learn how they reduced time and improve instant access of documents for all entities.

Case Study

Telus World of Science

The biggest challenge that motivated TWOSE to automate AP was a slow and frustrating approvals process. With 50 managers tasked to sign off over 200 invoices per month, the finance team was getting bogged down by delays.

Case Study

Homes by Sorensen

Moving to AP automation provided the budgetary controls that Sorensen needed. Through Beanworks, the company gained the ability to track committed spend. They were also able to manage spending by department, project, or vendor.

Case Study

Magnum York

Some of the biggest AP challenges for Magnum York were late payments, duplicate invoices and approval delays. Learn how they went from paying vendors 45-50 days late, to processing invoices the same week.

Case Study


A lack of inter-connectedness between accounting systems forced one finance executive to spend hours doing check runs every week – a process that now takes less than 10 minutes after automation.

Case Study

Association for Institutional Research

In March 2020, the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) had to adapt to a stark new reality. As with companies across the globe, they had to ensure business continuity while their small team (then just 30 people) could no longer go into the office.

Case Study


Enforcing financial controls such as departmental budget spend can be hard when organizations rely on paper. But with AP automation software, finance chiefs can easily set such rules.

Case Study

Radisson Blu Minneapolis

The AP teams at these Radisson hotels were still dealing with a time-consuming paper-based process for approving invoices. With part of their team working remotely, they urgently needed to find a quicker way of getting invoices through the system.

Case Study


As for the pandemic and the transition to remote working, Canadian Seed Growers' Association admits that the automation with Beanworks software was key to bettering its organizational capacity and financial system infrastructure.

Case Study

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Last year, the CSO celebrated its 125th anniversary bringing world-class musical productions to audiences both domestically and internationally. Yet as the organization continued to expand, the need to modernize became critical.

Case Study

Lost Tree Club

Lost Tree Club eliminates approval delays and lost invoices with Beanworks AP automation

Case Study


U-Pak decided it was time to modernize their accounts payable (AP) system to make invoice processing more streamlined. By digitizing their filing cabinet, the team can access invoices at any time from any location.

Case Study

Huntsville International Airport

As Huntsville has continued to attract a highly-skilled workforce, it became apparent for HSV to help their accounts payable (AP) team transition from a manual, outdated system, to a more dynamic model.

Case Study

Cook Bonner Ebeling

A majority of Cook Bonner Ebeling Construction’s staff works from different sites 90% of their time. In the past, managers mostly visited the office to code invoices. Now, they can just do it on their iPad.

Case Study

Oklahoma Housing Finance

As their cabinets filled up with paper, it was time to address these old processes and look for a better way of doing things.

Case Study


PETA Foundation was running into delays using different systems to operate their AP. Learn how Beanworks has accelerated invoice and payment processing, giving the accounting team more time for bigger tasks.

Case Study

Minikahda Club

Prestigious golf course Minikahda Club was drowning in filing cabinets thanks to its manual accounts payable processes. Find out how they got back control thanks to Beanworks.

Case Study


As Homepoint continues to grow, the amount of data the company has to process continues to multiply. Learn how they added unlimited users, customized approval channels and saved 3-5 Minutes in processing per invoice.

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Discover what Beanworks can do for your business

“Our team likes the fact that everything is digital now and typed in for us. No more stacks of paper, wondering where it went, who's desk it is sitting on waiting to be approved. Approving invoices is faster and our turnaround time has increased tremendously, plus we still have a digital paper trail!”


Better Control

“The best thing about the product is the ease of use and the main reason to get an AP automated system. From creating PO's, uploading invoices, to the approval process....is all very simple and effective.”


Increased Visibility

“I like the reports you can easily export to get on employees who are supposed to approve them(takes notes with images of invoices with details) It really helps communicate easily with other team member to get invoices approved. Nice features and good way to track payable. I would say that it is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use programme to track everything you need.”