Quadient AR solution partner program

It's time to make a change. Let’s drive success together.

We’re the partner who drives more revenue, in less time, for you and your customers.

Most Quadient AR solution users see our 30/30 improvement - a 30% bump in collections within 30 days of going live. They like that a lot. And they’ll like you if you’re the one responsible.

We’re easy to implement, easy to work with, and we’ll enhance your offerings and your bottom line.

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Together we can build a world-class ecosystem for customers that generates growth for everyone.

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Types of partnerships


Leverage Quadient AR solution to increase customer efficiency and drive revenue. Or expand your market reach and accelerate revenue growth with our partner marketing programs.

Credit reporting partners

Quadient AR solution integrates with the leading credit reporting agencies. Help customers manage risk and gain visibility and control when you partner with us.

Payment partners

Ensure fast and easy payments with our broad network of payment partners.


License Quadient AR software to your customers, and share in our revenue.

Our partners

Our 4 key partnership principles

Being a profit center for our partners

Quadient AR solution’s service is profitable for partners from day one. We're happy to be the subject matter experts and allow your team to continue doing what it does best. Think of us as an extension of your own sales and marketing team.

The inevitability of automation

Automation is here, and revenue comes with it. Most customers that use Quadient AR software find they receive about 30% bump in collections within 30 days of going live on the service, so it pays for itself quickly.

Customer success

Customer success and support are in our DNA. We track NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics regularly to ensure that clients are happy, that we're addressing their needs, and that we stay together for a long time.

Driving demand

We'll deliver customers to you with our turnkey marketing programs. We're experts at creating demand for our partners, and we have years of experience with marketing for, with, through, and to partners.

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