Exciting enhancements to Inspire Flex superpower great omnichannel CX and EX

Tuesday, Jun 28th 2022
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Inspire Flex Release 15 (R15) is the latest update to Quadient’s flagship enterprise omnichannel Customer Communications Management (CCM) Inspire Flex solution. R15 comes offers more than 300 robust enhancements that empower, elevate and accelerate companies with the ability to meet their customers when and where they are. 

Inspire Flex R15 empowers business users with a streamlined, modern user interface (UI) that allows for faster adoption by new business users, the ability to analyze and show key business metrics directly in customer journey maps for insights to promote better decision making and more relevant communications, and the ability to create, manage, and execute cross-channel communications delivery workflows. 

Recently, Quadient’s Tami May, senior CXM product marketing manager, sat down with Darren Collins, lead CXM product manager to highlight the most exciting enhancements in R15 in 15. Here’s what they had to say. 

T. May: What would you say are the top three features in R15 for our current Inspire Flex customers? 

D. Collins: With over 300 new features to choose from – it’s not such an easy question to answer. But the most exciting thing about R15 is how we super-power our customers’ omnichannel CCM capabilities. 

Digital and omnichannel connection

T. May – Like workforces, consumers are also trading in urban hubs for quieter settings making them more mobile than ever and expanding their preferred engagement methods. Currently, we are seeing them engage on an average of three channels. They expect those connections to be consistently in-the-moment, easy and satisfactory. Digital, omnichannel capabilities are crucial in meeting their expectations. How does R15 enhance an enterprise’s digital ability to stand out from the competition? 

D. Collins - Absolutely. The release gives enterprises better control over which channel combinations are available to leverage content and templates, ensuring engagement with key messages. There are three key enhancements foster connection and engagement. 

First, R15 makes Inspire Flex the first CCM platform to add WhatsApp as a channel, enabling connection with more than two billion users globally. 

Second, R15 offers enhanced orchestration capabilities that trigger intelligent channel switching (fail over) to ensure that messages reach the customer. Universal connectors enable Quadient customers to easily link content to their wider ecosystem. 

Third, R15 empowers businesses to mitigate risk by quickly authenticating a customer with native capability for one-time passwords and multi-factor authentication process.

Enhanced employee experience (EX) and productivity

D. Collins: R15 really expands and enhances the user experience - empowering them across all different communication activities. Here are some examples: 

We added a wealth of UI enhancements to the Inspire Interactive interface. Features like quick format icons, text menus and quick-access side panels helps new users become more familiar and adopt the interface quickly and helps more experienced users increase daily productivity.

We’ve also enhanced email and template design capability so that users can take control of content, design and the behavior of emails. Users can now build responsive HTML emails using a drag-and-drop interface with reusable design components. R15 offers seamless integration between designer, ICM and SharePoint online, as well as extends support for the latest versions of Adobe InDesign, and Quark XPress for faster template design. . Enhanced proofing capabilities allow users to proof communications in more than 100 different email formats.  Inspire Interactive lets you deploy cloud repositories and share repositories for different content run across the business.

We’ve also enhanced our unique any-premise offering with better cloud deployment support and native deployments in both Azure and AWS. This is driver of digital transformation and enables remote and hybrid work forces with productivity to securely design and deliver to an increasingly mobile consumer base. (Any-premise is a future fitting gamechanger allowing your deployments to be made on premise, in private cloud or public cloud, a hybrid of these or as a hosted managed services – so that you can grow at any stage.) 

Orchestrating an exceptional customer journey 

T.May:  Customer journeys (and customer journey mapping) are getting a lot of hype. What enhancements does R15 offer for this critical CX function? 

D.Collins: R15 integrates seamlessly with Inspire Journey, the most sophisticated journey management solution in the market. This integration is extremely valuable – giving businesses with deep insights into their customer’s journey and highlighting gaps between expectations and reality and use your CCM to fix problems in real time.  

Inspire Journey offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing businesses to truly visualize gaps between customer expectations and what is actually happening in their journey. R15 adds in critical metrics, data and KPIs at individual touchpoints, that give businesses real time insight into pain and gains. In the decision hub, CX teams can identify the next best action necessary to ease friction and increase happiness across the entire journey.  


Customer communications are a fundamental part of customer experience as many times these communications were the only touchpoint companies had with customers. Having a strong CCM strategy plays a foundational role in a value-driving Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy.  

For many businesses, there is still a lot of work to be done regarding digital transformation. And with the numerous Inspire Flex enhancements designed to help solution, they are closer than ever to exceeding customer expectations. 

The updates continue advancing Inspire’s evolution from Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology to an expanded solution designed to foster greater Customer Experience Management (CXM). 

Learn more about R15 in the Inspire Days sessions.