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Manage your customer communications for all digital and print channels from a single, central platform with simple drag and drop layout design.

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One platform, unlimited channels

Inspire Designer and Inspire Content Manager enable you to manage all of your customer communications from a single, central platform. Map, merge and process data from all your business applications and systems. Rapidly create communication templates using simple drag and drop layout design. Control versions of content and designs to facilitate collaboration and accurately deploy communications. Directly proof all channels from a single integrated view to ensure a first-class, engaging customer experience. 

Quadient Named Overall Leader in 2022 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM
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Unify design with a powerful interface

Rapidly create communication templates for all your physical and digital channels from a single design interface. Utilize a drag and drop design approach to build powerful communications which share content and messages across multiple channels. 

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Manage complex data from multiple sources

Extract, transform and load data from all your legacy and modern business applications and data sources.  Merge and enhance your data feeds to drive fully personalized communications. Designer provides a complete solution to manage your complex data environment to drive your communications processes with accuracy and personalization.

Leverage popular design tools and formats

Import content from leading design environments and formats including InDesign, Quark, and PDF. Extract data and enhance content from legacy format-ready sources such as PDF, PostScript and AFP to drive new communications. Use approved, responsive HTML email templates and personalize them with targeted content.

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Manage content and deployment to production

Control access to your design templates and manage versions of content and applications for automated deployments. Easily control configuration for all your different environments (including development, test, and production) and automate deployment of flexible release packages between them to control what gets delivered to customers and when. 

Deliver compliant omnichannel communications at scale

Generate all your communications at the speed and scale demanded by your business. High volume physical and on-demand digital communications are easily mastered by Inspire Production Server. Create templates to cover all your fully personalized communication needs including notifications, correspondence, emails, statements, policies and more. Ensure full compliance with industry standards for end customers with impaired vision through extensive PDF Accessibility features. 

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Quadient positions as a leader in 2022 Aspire CCM-CXM Leaderboard

Quadient has positioned as a Leader in all three newly introduced grids of the 2022 Aspire CCM-CXM Leaderboard, including AnyPrem CCM Software, Vendor-hosted SaaS CCM, and Communications Experience Platforms (CXP). To celebrate our achievement, we're sponsoring 30-day, premium access. 

Gain premium access to the 2022 Aspire Leaderboard Portal, courtesy of Quadient

Inspire Designer by Quadient is an excellent solution for creating personalized output for our direct mail projects. It handles all of the input that our customers throw our way, as well as all of the various output formats required by the multitude of printers that we utilize. It's relatively easy to learn, and yet powerful enough that even after 10+ years I am still not using all of it's capabilities.

— Programming Specialist (Firm Size: 1B-3B USD)

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