RowCal adds yet another “smarter way to HOA” with Quadient Impress

RowCal Case Study

RowCal, an HOA (homeowner association) property management specialist and innovator, was challenged in getting mandatory communications out to homeowners in a timely and compliant manner due to outdated tools and cumbersome manual processes that were familiar only to a few staffers. Missed deadlines would require new rounds of communications that incur additional costs and labor.

After a lengthy search, RowCal selected Quadient Impress to optimize their mailing process. Quadient Impress, a SaaS cloud-based solution, automates the preparation of outgoing communications and delivers them either through digital channels or physically through a module called Impress Distribute, which processes the communications through a secure and compliant mail production facility for postal delivery.

With Impress, RowCal was able to empower their employees and reduce their mail prep to one to three days compared to their previous service, which took as long as two weeks.

"We were able to see how our mailing process would work with Impress and how fast, reliable, and user-friendly the solution was. We’ve realized we could easily empower our managers to undertake any of these mailings themselves. They’re able to process their own mailings in under 30 seconds!"
— Ashley Vos, Process Improvement Manager at RowCal

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