In a world where one-to-one contact must be minimized at all costs, contactless delivery and collection have become imperative. Touchless processes are critical to ensuring the safety of customers and delivery agents.

Quadient Parcel Locker Solutions utilize a contactless delivery and collection process, creating a complete and secure hands-off delivery workflow. Contactless delivery and collection improve delivery efficiencies by speeding up the delivery process and removing unnecessary physical interactions. With delivery and return automation, mailroom staff and end-users are provided with the tools and support they need during times of increased pressure from a growing influx of deliveries. 

Contactless Delivery

Quadient Parcel Lockers create an automated delivery workflow that greatly reduces the time and costs associated with manual delivery processes. Our machines can be easily set-up to provide contactless parcel delivery and collection, which will greatly reduce unnecessary physical contact and interactions with both the machine and others. 

Our lockers are available for both indoor and outdoor locations and can be made available 24/7 for convenient self-service pick-up. Parcel collection can be completed in seconds, which means a steady flow of traffic to the machines that does not result in long queues or large crowds at one time.


Deliver more value

As retailers and carriers are facing increased pressure from delivering online orders, it is important that they remain agile to ensure business continuity for their customers. Parcel Lockers are able to provide businesses with the agility and tools to meet their delivery needs regardless of volume, while optimizing staff time and enhancing the customer experience. Find out more on how parcel lockers will benefit your business on our website.

To see the contactless delivery and collection process in action, please watch the video below:



Daniel Malouf

Daniel Malouf

Chief Solution Officer Parcel Locker Solutions

Daniel Malouf is Chief Solution Officer Parcel Locker Solutions. He was previously Chief Operations Officer for Neopost Shipping. Before joining Neopost in January 2017, he had been Managing Director of the Auchan Group's e-Commerce division since March 2010. This new division of the Auchan Group included all e-commerce activities including the Drive. Prior to that position Daniel has been the CIO of Auchan Group for 6 years, a company that he joined in 1992 as Logistics Manager.

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