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Lost Tree Club is a country club for private members and guests in sun-drenched Palm Beach, Florida, USA. With several facilities including a fitness and beach club situated on the 450 acres landscape, Lost Tree was looking for a way to speed-up their accounts payable (AP) process and move invoices through their offices at a faster pace. For Jonathon Goodman, Chief Financial Officer at Lost Tree, the challenge was tracking down invoices. There was no central system to track an invoice, and access archived data. The AP cycle became slow and inefficient as the club expanded its operations.


Goodman wanted to move away from a paper-based approach to a more streamlined and efficient AP process. He was aware of Beanworks AP automation from previous roles and within the first week of joining Lost Tree, he decided to implement the solution. “When something runs smoothly, you remember it,” says Goodman. 

With AP automation, Lost Tree manages their AP in the cloud. Invoices are approved through the web and mobile – whatever is easier for managers. “You don’t have to send the AP employee to a cabinet to find a check and hope that the check was properly coded and filed. That has been the biggest time saver. I have what I need at my fingertips,” says Goodman.