Whether it’s commercial insurance policies or investment portfolio packages, many enterprises struggle to assemble and deliver complex documents effectively. Legacy systems, changing regulations, and numerous document creation platforms and post-composition tools further complicate the process and increase the likelihood of error and compliance risk.

Quadient Inspire streamlines and simplifies the process of complex document assembly, enabling enterprises to quickly create and deliver customer-facing documents that are personalised, easy to understand, and regulatory compliant – across all channels.

What are complex documents?

Complex documents are governed by business rules and logic, using metadata to ensure customers receive the content and options that best match their individual profiles and needs, across all output types and channels.

They may consist of dozens to hundreds of pages that are assembled using variable content blocks, including text, tables, charts, images, and footnotes. These documents require data input from many systems and content input from multiple subject matter experts.

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reusable components

Leverage reusable components

Free your content from being tied to specific documents by creating content blocks that can quickly be deployed across all your communications. Governed by your style rules, the content blocks ensure that users are using appropriate branding, layouts, and logos.

Quadient Inspire combines data, rules, and content using a powerful variable composition engine to create highly flexible templates that power all of your customer communications.

A collaboration layer for business users

Quadient Inspire enables business users, including line of business leaders and subject matter experts, to make updates and changes to content that are leveraged enterprise-wide, without involving IT. Users can also create business rules that govern content personalisation, formatting, and locked elements, such as disclaimers and legal copy.

Empower those closest to your customers and products to leverage their knowledge to make template-wide updates, without any programming expertise.

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Create documents that are fully connected and integrated with your data

Our portfolio of solutions takes data from a vast range of inputs, including customer data, transactional data, and data from legacy documents—all without any data transformation project or IT support.

Robust review and approval capabilities

Quadient provides powerful approval capabilities to manage changes made to templates and content, in addition to customisable approval workflows that govern individual documents created by front-line workers.

Design multi-layer approval workflows with actions based on states, groups, individual users, roles, content types, and conditions. Approvals may also be routed based on specific data or values, allowing template changes to be flagged for sign-off by subject matter experts before being implemented.

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