Why choose Electronic Document Management?


Digitise paper documents

Speed up distribution and facilitate on-line processing, reduce storage space

secure cloud storage

Create a digital archive

Reliably archive documents and faciltate search from anywhere


Accurately capture Data

Extract data from paper and digital documents for accurate processing


Automate Processes

Route documents through defined workflows for on-line processing

mail piled on an office desk

Capture, route and process important information

Automated mailroom solutions eliminate the cost and time delay associated with traditional paper routing.  Your key mail items are converted into a digital format, classified by type and then content is automatically extracted. Work items can then be routed, prioritised and escalated automatically based on your business rules so your teams quickly receive in prioritised order only the information which is relevant to them. This ensures information management is efficient, that transactions are visible and that every step of the process is auditable.

Improve accuracy and process efficiency

Accounts Payable automation solutions eliminate the long trail of paperwork and associated exception handling
and chasing which commonly occurs in Finance departments.  Refine your accounts payable with solutions which reduce processing time and improve cashflow.  Some of our automated solutions are accessible through a simple web browser interface which allows any team member to easily access the system. This means that internal and outsourced teams, approvers, suppliers, customers and solicitors can collaborate in every stage of the process, no matter where they are located.

Improve accuracy and process efficiency

Accessibility, security and space saving

Our solutions for HR departments focus around improving the management and compliance problems of your employee files and records.  Most companies will already be using HR software solutions of some form but typically these are weak in the  area of record management. Our solutions augment your existing HR software investment and help you reduce  overheads associated with file life cycle management and Data Protection legislation.

On-line access and processing

Organisations such as law firms, insurers, claims handlers, debt collection agencies and medical institutions handle vast amounts of documents in processing cases, matters and claims.  Having a highly accessible record of every document associated with each client case/matter/claim is a huge benefit. Automating document processing can reduce administration costs by 10-15%.

Our case management solutions augment and improve the capability of your existing systems, by providing records management, multiple-channel document/information capture, and process automation for routing, approval and collaboration with remote partners and staff.

legal case
Saving time processing invoices

It now takes around one hour to process 50 or 60 invoices. A similar volume would have taken three or four hours before the OCR automation project

— Rebecca Howie

Finance Assistant (Accounts Payable), IVHA

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