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There are different drivers for implementing document management systems - improving operational efficiency, faster searches, ease of sharing with distributed teams, reducing risk, meeting compliance or clearing out office space.

Enhance Visibility

Enhance Visibility

Access documents across the globe, image previews & line-item views and quick keyword-based search.

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Increase Efficiency

Annotate and forward to workflows, record document transactions and schedule file disposals. and retention periods.

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Ensure Security

Post-scan validations without manual intervention, track who edits and create audit files.

Filestore Cloud Software for Electronic Document Management

A wealth of functionality in a web-browser. Filestore EDM stores, manages and distributes documents to geographically dispersed teams. Audit modules, management alerts and workflow integration keep documents secure and compliant to UK, European and International legislative standards.

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Benefits of Records Automation

As organisations and regulatory requirements evolve, your records management system and the framework upon which it is based may also need to change. FileStore electronic records management software is not tied to any one particular records management framework and has the functionality to help you migrate from one framework to another much more easily than is the case with paper-based systems.

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Kofax Transformation Modules with Quadient Process

Dramatically increase productivity and accelerate business processes by removing the need for manual document classification, separation and extraction. Process more transactions each day easily and efficiently and improve information throughout your organisation.

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Kofax Capture Network Server with Quadient Process

With the Kofax Capture Network Server module, Quadient can enable organisations to build Kofax document capture technology around their business processes, no matter where they are located. Instead of incurring the costs of shipping paper documents from one location to another, branch locations and satellite offices can scan them locally and transfer them for processing via corporate networks or the internet.

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