Improve the moments that matter:

Statements, email, SMS, digital onboarding, mobile and web content, complex documents

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Case management efficiency

Managed by business users, guided by approval processes, mobile and digital-ready

customer experience

Create communications that are:

Personalised, compliant, omnichannel, guided by customer journey mapping

Quadient Inspire Flex

Activate your business, captivate your customers

Inspire Flex enables organisations to create and deliver personalised, compliant customer communications across all channels, from one centralised platform. 

Enable rapid response to market changes and speed digital transformation by empowering non-technical business users to safely design, manage and deliver personalised, compliant content across all channels. It all happens from one easy-to-use platform, which eliminates siloed workflows and reduces the need for IT.

Quadient Inspire Evolve

Cloud communications built for the future

Inspire Evolve is a high-performance, SaaS customer communications management solution from Quadient - the world's most trusted CCM solution provider. Inspire Evolve is born from Quadient’s award-winning flagship CCM solution, Inspire Flex, to align with the needs of today’s agile line of business leaders.  

Inspire Evolve integrates four components – content author, front office, generate and archive - in a centralised hub within the Quadient Cloud to deliver a seamless experience for your communications teams. Empower teams with the ability to design and deliver secure, personalised digital communications – all with minimal IT strain.

Integrate quickly

The foundation of Quadient Inspire is in the simple and rapid integration with your existing IT systems, with a highly advanced purpose-built layer to smooth the transition of information between solutions, saving precious IT effort and months of project time in analysing and reworking existing data feeds and files. 

Celent Model Bank Award Winner
Santander Bank UK: Taking Onboarding to the Next Level

Deploy your way, scale endlessly

We offer flexible implementation options, including on-premise, hybrid, and cloud solutions to match your needs, internal policies and limitations, and ultimate business aspirations, regardless of the size of your organisation. 

Financial Services

Migrate without pain

Our powerful migration technology applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to the time-consuming problem of retiring legacy systems across all channels, saving thousands of person-hours and offering you previously unseen insights into your existing customer-facing communications.

Empower business users, reduce silos

Relieve the constant pressure on IT and meet consumer demands by empowering business users to make changes to customer communications quickly and easily in a safe, customisable, and controlled environment. Quadient Inspire’s synchronised omnichannel preview enables managerial staff to review the output in every format (mobile, tablet, web, etc.) for fast approval. 

Inspire workflow

Increase agility, reduce risk

A financial firm using a structured electronic document management system is more profitable than one still relying on paper filing. EDM systems help reduce the overheads of paper storage while enabling information sharing. In turn, boosting productivity, improving customer service and enhancing visibility.

Elevate the customer experience, improve market share

Make onboarding quick and convenient with digital forms that are pre-populated with your customers’ data. Add dynamic elements to complex communications to make it simple for your customers to sort through important information with interactive charts, graphs, and sliders. Leverage customer data to position upsell and cross-sell promotions tailored to your customers’ unique needs.

Case study
BMO: Digital Transformation in Personal banking

Impove customer journey

Take action to improve the customer journey

Inspire Journey enables you to connect all customer facing-communications to a customer journey map, ensuring every communication project is accountable to your enterprise CX strategy at the highest level.  Internal stakeholders easily collaborate and share ongoing feedback within the tool, so improvements can be made in real-time.

Powerful archival and retrieval for improved customer experience and compliance

Quadient Archive & Retrieval is a high-performance, highly scalable technology that enables you to meet today’s compliance standards and improve customer experience by providing quick access to historical documents and data across all channels.

powerful archival and retrieval functions
Quadient Aspire Leaderboard badge 2022

Quadient Named a Leader in 2022 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM

After rigorous evaluation, Quadient is proud to have been named a Leader for the second time in a MarketScape addressing the CCM market! As a token of our appreciation for this esteemed recognition, we are offering complimentary access to the report. 

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