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Boost customer satisfaction

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Reduce DSO and accelerate cash flow

Time reduction

Save time and reduce costs

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Facilitate the billing process

Designed for SMBs, Impress Invoice automates the preparation and delivery of invoices according to your customers’ channel preference (paper, email, portal, or e-invoicing). The electronic payment feature makes it simple for your clients to pay right away

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Automate invoice preparation and delivery

For most SMBs, processing and delivering invoices is manual, error-prone, time-consuming, and expensive.

Quadient Impress Invoice is a SaaS solution that automates the preparation and multi-channel delivery of invoices and related customer communications.

The built-in electronic payment feature makes it easy for your clients to pay.

Reduce DSO and get paid faster

Issue invoices electronically to your customers on their preferred channel as soon as they are generated and give them the ability to pay online quickly, easily, and securely.

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Processing paper invoices can cost as much as £20 per transaction.

Many countries have announced e-invoicing mandates, with more poised to follow suit.
Impress Invoice is compliant with e-invoicing regulations in several countries around the world.

Save time and reduce invoice processing costs

Reduce time spent manually preparing, processing, and delivering invoices, so your employees can focus on higher-value tasks.

Save on postage and mailing supplies by automating the processing and delivery of your invoices.

Track, report and archive all activity

All activity is tracked centrally in real-time, including delivery status, invoice disputes, and payment status for a complete and holistic view. 

Share reports across your organisation to provide greater visibility.

Everything is archived so you can quickly reference historical communications and account activity. 

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Reduce errors and compliance risk

Manual processes expose you to the risk of human error. Automating your document workflow and delivering invoices electronically ensures that the right document(s) are sent to the right customer every time.

All invoices and related documents are archived in the cloud, ensuring compliance with local and regulatory retention requirements.

Boost customer satisfaction

Drive customer loyalty and engagement by delivering business-critical communications to your customers on the channel they prefer.

Deliver customer convenience with the integrated online payment feature.

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Deliver more than just invoices

Quadient Impress Invoice is the only solution on the market that enables you to easily add personalised marketing and branded messages to your invoices. It also automates the preparation, delivery, and tracking of other customer communications such as notifications, letters, and contacts from one place.

Get up and running fast

Implementing Quadient Impress Invoice doesn’t require extensive IT development and it seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms so you can be up and running in just days.

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