Get the most out of your ERP

Create a seamless accounts receivable process by connecting your ERP to Quadient AR by YayPay through a custom CSV integration.

No matter the complexity of your ERP, we'll integrate it with Quadient AR powered by YayPay to level up your AR

  • Access to one system for all your Accounts Receivable needs.
  • Improve customer account management by syncing information across to Quadient AR to create automated collections processes with custom workflows.
  • Drill deep into AR analytics, taking data from your ERP and combining it with Quadient AR's Business Intelligence to create personalised reports that drive your decision-making.
  • All configurable at the user level - with no complex IT workarounds required!

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DUNS number
Synced to Quadient AR
Sales, contacts & sales orders
Synced to Quadient AR
Synced to your ERP
Invoice payment date calculation


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