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Process automation and robotics

Whether you want to optimise your workflows or wish to "hire" a silicon-based worker, our products have proven to save cost and time. We have applied workflow and robotics automation to most common operational processes such financial transaction processing, claims management, account opening, customer service, and more. See what BPA and RPA has to offer.

operating costs

Process automation innovation

Cut operating costs up to 90%, simulate and test new workflows and save effort on data processing tasks that total approx and 30% of operational time.


RPA flexibility

Can automate 70-80% rules-based processes, configurable, customisable robots and potential ROI from 30-200% in the first year.


Catapult digitisation

Coordinates with pre-existing capture & file management, systems agnostic for fast deployment and lowers overheads while increasing efficiency.

FileStore BPM

FileStore BPM is a powerful workflow tool that allows you to improve efficiency of simple processes internal to the organisation or complex workflows.

Filestore BPM can handle workflows that extend across your supplier network, external partners, or even customers.

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Mail Manager Digital Mailrooms by Quadient

MailManager is a simple cost-effective tool that allows you to consolidate documents from different sources (emails, mobile, fax, scanned documents or web forms) into one interface.

It allows faster action for administration and customer service.

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Kofax TotalAgility with Quadient Process

Kofax TotalAgility is created with customer and stakeholder engagement in mind.

KTA takes over touchpoints such as the capture of information gathering of information, signing of documents, to high-level approvals; to automatically adapting workflows to speedup processes.

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Kofax RPA with Quadient Process

Your information doesn't have to sit idle in file folders and web portals. A truly flexible robot, Kofax RPA works with both structured and unstructured data and can be produced by an employee with minimal technical know-how.

The results look more impressive than the low labour investment to setup. Once the Kofax robot starts working, it mimics the actions a regular user would do on their screen.

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Kofax Communication Servers with Quadient Process

With Kofax Communication Server (KCS), organisations are able to reduce operating costs through the ability to automate business processes independent of location, device or media type. Business process information arriving via channels such as fax, email, SMS or telephony systems can initiate automated workflows, allowing organisations to reduce levels of manual intervention, while consolidating communications infrastructure and taking better control of corporate information flow.

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