Kofax Communication Servers with Quadient Process

With Kofax Communication Server (KCS), organisations are able to reduce operating costs through the ability to automate business processes independent of location, device or media type. Business process information arriving via channels such as fax, email, SMS or telephony systems can initiate automated workflows, allowing organisations to reduce levels of manual intervention while consolidating communications infrastructure and taking better control of corporate information flow.

Fax and email capture of business process documents

Organisations can use the KCS server to streamline and automate document-based business processes regardless of the channel via which documents arrive. Documents such as sales orders, invoices, insurance or expense claims, and application or registration forms arriving by fax or email can be automatically captured, classified and quickly routed to the correct business process according to pre-determined business rules with little or no manual intervention. The results are a greater level of straight-through processing with faster, more accurate processing and reduced overall processing costs.

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Benefits of event-driven notification

With KCS, organisations can extract further value from automation with the latest event-driven email and SMS notification systems. For example, the arrival of sales orders by fax or email can trigger automated receipt confirmations to enhance the customer experience. Organisations can use automated notifications to provide status updates, request missing information or confirm appointments, as well as internally to alert teams to the arrival of business-critical documents and emails.

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Reducing business risk with automation message archiving

Kofax Communication Server provides organisations with effective means for improving compliance with little manual effort. The KCS server automatically archives copies of all inbound and outbound fax and email communications to deliver an excellent level of traceability.

The server captures and securely archives fax and email communications as document images, including email document attachments to preserve the full original message context. Email document attachments can be stored both as document images and in their native binary format.

KCS also provides seamless integration of fax and MFD devices into the communications system, enabling user authorisation, logging and tracing of transmitted documents and centralised monitoring and management of all MFD and fax traffic.

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Cost reduction with least cost routing and infrastructure consolidation

Organisations can use Kofax Communication Server to streamline and consolidate their communications infrastructure, enabling a reduction in hardware and maintenance costs, as well as detailed cost monitoring down to individual device level. With support for FoIP, organisations can leverage existing IP infrastructure, enabling least cost routing via LAN/WAN channels wherever possible. Integration of networked MFD’s into the KCS system removes the need for individual fax lines and fax cards.

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