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Planning for scanning

More than just scanning, capture has come a long way to introducing automation. Our software offerings can grab data from forms, correspondences and screens with built-in validation. You can capture information in bulk or on-the-go. So clear your desks and filing cabinets and get ready for more organised processes.

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Saves costs

Automates laborous manual keying via optical character recognition, frees up office space and has legacy system implementation options

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Flex resources

Transposes costs from storage back to core functions, grabs data in paper and screens and used in finance automation to employee records management

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Quickens process flows

Post-scan validations without manual intervention, mobile options for on-the-go scans and assured results to BIP 0008 standards to protect legal liabilities

Kofax Capture with Quadient Process

Managing paper documents is the kind of work your brightest minds could do without. Kofax Capture is a powerful solution that automates document handling processes such as data entry, document classification, validation and routing to recipients.  

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Kofax Mobile Capture with Quadient Process

Accelerate customer onboarding and claims processes by allowing customers to use their smartphone cameras to scan documents and take pictures of evidence and ID. Kofax Mobile Capture extracts the data digitally and exports the information to your enterprise systems.

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Kofax Express with Quadient Process

Transform the way you manage paper with Kofax Express. This batch-oriented scanning application can rapidly process, index and export documents for fast and easy retrieval. The Kofax patented VirtualReScan (VRS) technology ensures optimal image quality, reduces errors, and improves system effectiveness.

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