A more intelligent robot

Kofax RPA with Quadient Process

Your information doesn't have to sit idle in file folders and web portals. A truly flexible robot, Kofax RPA works with both structured and unstructured data and can be produced by an employee with minimal technical know-how. The results look more impressive than the low labour investment to setup. Once the Kofax robot starts working, it mimics the actions a regular user would do on their screen.

Benefits of Kofax RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

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Web-based applications

Extracts information from portals and websites, integrates external web data into your back-end systems and used for competitive research, data aggregation, OSINT, and more.

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Cross-industry orientations

Automates any repetitive data-intensive "swivel-chair" work, configurable to specialised tasks for most industries and works with enterprise applications without additional software.

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Automated content migration

Can extract metadata and restructure content for different uses, high volumes of content migrated in days and migrates without the need for expensive custom-built APIs or XML loaders.

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Non-technical user interfaces

No coding, no problem. Kofax RPA's robots are configurable using a fully visual editor that allows you to build, test and debug a robot in real-time.

Business analysts can acquire the power normally reserved for data scientists or IT. A git-based version control system also helps you manage up to thousands of robots so you can scale-up or scale-down depending on your business needs.

Built-in cognitive document automation

Robotic Process Automation touts its ability to replace manual rule-based work.

With Kofax RPA, this also extends to non-rules-based unstructured data. Think whitepapers and reports rather than forms and spreadsheets. Machine learning and natural language processing truly eliminates manual interventions of more complex tasks.

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Process optimisation discovery

Kofax RPA's automated process discovery tool allows you to identify, map out, analyse and record business processes primed for automation. This happens prior to robot design so that you can unleash the robot onto your systems with confidence. The discovery tool can suggest safeguards to enable successful implementation.

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