Kofax Transformation

Automate and accelerate your journey

Dramatically increase productivity and accelerate business processes by removing the need for manual document classification, separation and extraction. Process more transactions each day easily and efficiently and improve information throughout your organisation.

    Benefits of Kofax Transformation

    save time and money

    Lower operational costs

    Manual labour associated with document classification reduced, process more transactions each day and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


    Achieve total compliance

    Guarantee adherence to business policies and regulatory requirements, ensure data accuracy and visibility with a complete audit trail and enable you to make timely decisions.


    Engage customers on their terms

    Faster customer service and onboarding, instant data display from captured documents on their device of choice and enhanced customer engagement.

    Kofax Transformation features

    Kofax Transformation Modules

    All-in-one capture classification

    Eliminate the costs of expensive process integrations by grabbing, processing, and storing data in a single platform. Using the latest in cognitive capture, Kofax Transformation can treat data from structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents; turning them into actionable information.

    Automatically separates and extracts

    Cut down on your document handling times by removing manual inputs. Kofax Transformation reduces errors while placing captured data into your ERP systems by configuring automatic classification.

    You can work with our technical specialists to ensure the highest accuracy and taxonomy for your document management.

    Communication Server
    Scan, extract, classify

    Bulk document handling

    Built for speed, Kofax Transformation can process more information transactions per day without compromising on security, accuracy and compliance.

    Early notification of document issues are flagged so that nothing impedes your workflow.

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