visualize customer journey


Create dynamic journey maps that offer a living, breathing dashboard of customer emotions

analyze customer journey


Connect data from every touchpoint for deep insights into each customer’s needs and track metrics for real-time improvement 

prioritise customer journey


Act on critical moments with advanced task visualisation to prioritise changes with the biggest impact 

orchestrate customer journey


Empower business users to become customer experience advocates with data-driven next-best-actions 

Inspire Journey

The dynamic standard for customer journey management  

Inspire Journey is the only customer journey management solution recognised by analysts to integrate omnichannel communication touchpoints with your customers. Inspire journey not only allows you to experience the journey from the customer perspective, it delivers unrivaled insights to orchestrate an exceptional customer experience across the entire journey. 

Inspire Journey lets you leverage insights into actionable, exceptional experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey. With no implementation lead times, your path to total customer experience transformation starts today.

Orchestrate customer centric CX transformation with living journey maps

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Visualise the journey through the customer lens

Intuitive, digital customer journey maps deliver powerful insights into each customer journey. 

Cutting-edge collaboration tools and global map linking enable distributed customer experience teams to visualise and experience journeys as the customer does via living, breathing dashboards. 

Complimentary report
Quadient is leader in SPARK Matrix report: Customer Journey Mapping (2020) 

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customer journey mapping

Leverage data for powerful personalisation

Inspire journey is the only journey management solution that integrates your existing data directly into maps, adding scientific insights, and dynamically integrating KPI tracking and customer emotional scores to power true personalisation. 

Complimentary access
Quadient named leader in omnichannel coordination by Aspire Leaderboard for CCM (2020) 

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customer journey mapping

Transform the moments that matter

Inspire Journey drives meaningful change across your organisation by facilitating the prioritisation of tasks and projects that truly impact, enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint. Interactive tools let you identify and correct pain points, eliminating friction in real-time, with measurable results. 

Complimentary report
IDC: Vendor Profile: Quadient Customer Journey Mapping 

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Orchestrate exceptional experiences

Inspire Journey orchestrates next best actions and gives you the opportunity to make rapid changes to your communications, regardless of the channel. Seamless integration with Inspire Flex and Inspire Evolve means that you are only hours from exceptional omnichannel communications that drive value.  

Complimentary report
Omdia Report: How Quadient is evolving from CCM into CXM 

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With the latest development in its Customer Journey Mapping as well as its integrations with companies like Kitewheel, Quadient has taken journey orchestration to a new level. Not only does it offer design-thinking collaboration that improves experience planning, which is a unique capability in the CCM space, it now also has next-best-action automation capabilities to orchestrate true omnichannel communications at scale. – Kaspar Roos, Aspire

Kaspar Roos

CEO & founder of Aspire

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