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Protect Investments

Place predefined alerts and fixes to critical bottlenecks, collaborate crisis decison-making in real-time and action process changes before negative effects hit customers and clients.

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De-Mistify Analytics

Sort easily between batches and document types, see how each metric impacts profitability, CX and efficiency and find exactly where the insight data fits into your process stream.

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility

Monitor team and individual efficiencies, see process impacts across systems, departments and offices and gather insight data for streamlined analytics processes without IT intervention.

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Kofax Insight with Quadient Process

Measure how your gathered analytics refers to your business processes by using Kofax Insight. If you want to see how your process executions impact customer satisfaction, document costs and profitability, Kofax Insight will help you uncover the trail of actions leading to this.

You can determine how to mitigate procedural issues or achieve greater compliance with this easy to use software.

Kofax Monitor

Kofax Monitor with Quadient Process

You can save considerable staff time making sure your Kofax suite runs smoothly in complex processes.

While Business Process Management software deals with optimising the human side of your operations, Kofax Monitor handles their objective measurable outputs. And it does it without sacrificing usability. Make sure your knowledge is captured at the right time and is always available, with Kofax Monitor.

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Kofax Analytics with Quadient Process

Managing paper documents is the kind of work your brightest minds could do without.

Kofax Capture is a powerful solution that automates document handling processes such as data entry, document classification, validation and routing to recipients.

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