Get the most out of your Sage Intacct ERP

Connect Sage Intacct to Quadient AR by YayPay — a market leader in Accounts Receivable software — to discover a best-in-class order-to-cash process, underpinned by deep insight and analysis of your key metrics.

Quadient AR integrates with Sage Intacct to unlock its full capabilities

  • Access to one system for all your Accounts Receivable needs.
  • Make customer service a breeze by using Quadient AR's integrated buyer portal to put invoice details and payment capabilities at your customers' fingertips.
  • Enhance order-to-cash with instant credit checks, combining sales orders in Sage Intacct with integrated credit checking powered by Quadient AR.
  • Go beyond the upfront metrics and performance cards on Sage Intacct and use Quadient AR's Business Intelligence to create powerful AR graphs that enable faster, more effective decision-making.

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