Quadient Leads in Omnichannel Orchestration & Journey Management: Aspire Leaderboard

Scott Draeger | Wednesday, Oct 5th 2022
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If you follow the CCM market, then you probably know that the Aspire Leaderboard ranks as the most important annual vendor comparison research in the industry. There were a few key changes introduced this year, including the separation of a single CCM grid into three grids, along with updated filters. Quadient is proud of our placement on all three grids that feature on the Leaderboard, as well as how well we position with key filters applied. In this blog, we'd like to share how you can leverage the dynamic Leaderboard filters to find a vendor that can support your transformation projects of today and the future.

Mapping Future Success with Aspire's Grid Filters

Quadient appears in the Leaders' quadrant for Communications Experience Platforms (CXP), Vendor-hosted SaaS CCM, and AnyPrem CCM Software on the Aspire Leaderboard for 2022, with the default vendor rankings in place. However, in looking to the future, it is helpful to take advantage of Aspire’s unique grid filters to ensure that potential vendors are aligned with your communication and customer experience ambitions. If you are generating communications, experts in your business evaluate the effectiveness of customer communications constantly, thus, there are many perspectives to consider for your future projects. The dynamic grid filters allow you to compare vendors against a broad array of factors, and to drill down at a much deeper level than the generalised rankings.

Evaluating the Two Key Drivers of CCM Effectiveness 

Omnichannel and customer experience are the two key drivers of customer communications program effectiveness in 2022 and beyond. If you are not communicating with your customers on the right channels, with the right message, and at the right time, then your communications are likely creating unwelcomed customer frustration that ultimately adds downstream costs to your organisation. So, our exploration of the Leaderboard grid filters will begin with activation of the 'Omni-channel Orchestration' filter. 

Omnichannel Orchestration: Separating Out Single-channel Vendors

The Omnichannel Orchestration filter emphasises vendors that provide technology that easily directs messages to the right channel, finds alternate channels in the event of non-response or delivery failure, and includes customisations that adapt to the limitations of each channel's format.

If you design for omnichannel with shared content and cross-channel previews, you can ensure your message is delivered consistently. This is a stark contrast to CCM deployments that use separate, channel-specific infrastructure to deliver communications. Applying the Omnichannel Orchestration capability filter drastically changes the look of any Leaderboard grid. This filter clearly separates single-channel vendors from true omnichannel providers that will support you through your current and future digital transformations.

Journey Management: Connecting the Communication Dots 

Identifying the right medium for a given customer and message is only half of the CCM puzzle. It's equally important to step back and ask yourself why you are sending a communication. Too often, we view communications as the end of a task. For the customer, that communication is often not the end of their journey, but a critical touchpoint along the way that guides them to the next step. So, take a moment to reflect upon the purpose that the given communication has in the mind of the recipient. In order to see the impact of a communication within the context of the holistic customer journey, businesses require journey management. You can activate the 'Journey Management' capability filter to see which vendors offer this capability, and how they score.

When a customer interacts with your organisation, they are usually trying to accomplish a goal. Their goal often involves handoffs within your organisation that involve several systems that are owned by multiple teams. A typical customer call will generally involve user authentication, CRM, ERP, ECM, and other systems to complete the journey for the customer. This also applies to employees, dealers, partners, and other interested stakeholders that receive your communications. Aspire’s inclusion of Journey Management as a filter lets you identify vendors that prioritize longer-term thinking about communications and their role in a much broad, multi-point customer interaction.

Quadient Well-Positioned to Support Current & Future CCM-CXM Ambitions 

When you activate both the Omnichannel Orchestration and Journey Management filters, you will see that Quadient is well-positioned to support your current and future customer communication transformations. If you currently use more than one CCM vendor, Quadient Inspire offers the opportunity to reduce complexity in your organisation and realise the benefits of approaching CCM with an omnichannel journey-based approach.

To see how our capabilities stack up firsthand, we invite you to register for sponsored, Premium Access to the Aspire Leaderboard for 30 days. If you are interested in learning more about the combination of proactive, omnichannel notifications and journey mapping approaches, we welcome you to download relevant research from Forrester on Proactive Notifications and Journey Mapping Platforms.