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Customer experience has become a significant differentiator that sets businesses apart. New developments in technology will continue to change business to consumer interactions, thus driving consumer expectations to higher levels. To maintain customer loyalty and gain market share, enterprises need to eliminate the burdens associated with legacy technology. According to Madison Advisors, "retiring legacy software tools to consolidate to a single or more advanced platform is the best way to lay the foundation for building an infrastructure to manage communications and support omnichannel delivery."


Unfortunately, companies often choose the path of least resistance by remaining with the status quo, or by implementing an interim solution which makes the situation worse. Cost, risk, complexity, and lack of resources are some of the typical reasons why CCM technology migration projects are postponed to a later date.


CCM platform consolidation is the pivot for delivering great experiences with personalized and meaningful communications. Sadly, enterprises struggle to get past the specification gathering process. The approach and technology provided by Quadient InspireXpress allow enterprises to partner with a world-class leader in CCM technology to build a foundation for omnichannel customer communications. With this approach, migration costs and timelines shrink. The ROI hurdles that prevented CCM platform migration in the past are overcome.


According to Madison Advisors, "Quadient has taken a unique approach to expedite CCM platform consolidation and migration from legacy technology. By starting with output files and extracting and categorizing content within the file and loading into Inspire Content Manager, enterprises reduce time spent on specification gathering by as much as 95%."


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