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Customer Experience (CX) leaders generate 5.7 times more revenue than companies that do not make customer experience a priority. It's no surprise then, that the way customers perceive their interactions with brands, across the entire customer journey, has become a primary focus for businesses.


CX strategies and initiatives are constantly evolving, but there are some areas that should remain true. Organizations need to be aligned from top to bottom to deliver a superior customer experience; one negative interaction in one touchpoint could potentially negate the good experiences across all other touch-points.


Also, it is mission-critical to develop, and maintain a single, unified, holistic, 360 degrees view of each customer. Further, businesses need to recognize that the purchase is just one step in a complex customer journey, and that to retain the customer, the brand must deliver on a solid post purchase experience. Discover the latest tech trends impacting your customer relationships in 2020, including:


  • Real-time Personalization  
  • Data Driven Decisions
  • Seamless customer journeys
  • Service on Demand
  • The new vision with AR & VR


This Tech Research Asia (TRA) report outlines the key CX trends that CX practitioners must address to win by 2020 and beyond.