Make collections smoother for your business and customers

Collections Workflows

Quadient AR’s automated collections workflows and global rules are highly configurable, enabling you to deliver strategic and successful AR communications.

Improve Control

Create, edit and personalize communications strategies for each customer segment from within the Quadient AR platform, without needing to involve your IT team (or ours). Flex your workflows at pace as your business changes or your customer base grows.

Tailor Communications

Build unlimited global rules to trigger automated actions based on conditions; for example, you could set up a rule that emails a customer reminder when an invoice becomes 30 days overdue or drop a customer into a new workflow if their credit score decreases.

Read more about credit management

Optimize Customer Experience

Global rules can pull customers out of a workflow if they no longer meet conditions; for example, they can be removed from a payment reminder workflow if the system has logged their payment. This prevents overcommunication. 


The consistency of how the business is running, knowing nothing is falling through the a CEO that's priceless. I know that we have a world-class workflow and receivables operation because we have Quadient AR.

— Rob Castaneda


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