Total accounts payable solution

neotrax is an easy-to-use accounts payable workflow that offers easy set-up and deployment with seamless integration across your existing business systems. neotrax will completely transform the way your business manages documents. Save time. Save space. Save money. With neotrax you will never lose an important document again.

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Easily track documents throughout your organisation

technical cooperation

Get the right information to the right people when they need it

operating costs

Reduce storage and other costs associated with managing documents

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neotrax is a full, SQL-based document management software solution which can run on your network or in the cloud.

Store all your files

It allows you to store all files, both paper and electronic, in one place for easy access.  Files can be retrieved on your PC, tablet or smart phone and emailed to other users as required.

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Correct recipient

Once documents are scanned using our workflow and approval modules, neotrax  intelligently routes them to the correct user. Get your documents to the right people, instantly and with minimum effort. No more pigeonholes, piles of paper or missing documents.

Automate documents

Save Time & Money Scan, index and retrieve dockets, POD’s, invoices, etc with a flick of a switch and in a fraction of the time currently spent recovering documents

document automation
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Accounts payable workflow

Streamline existing manual processes by using the neotrax workflow solution for routing supplier invoices and supporting documents to the correct person for authorising.

Document delivery

Reduce printing and posting costs with document delivery, automate invoices and statements whilst adding neotrax’s unique ability to append/forward scanned, signed documents with electronically generated invoices. 

Capture documents

I have an excellent relationship with all personnel in the neotrax business. Their customer service is excellent with a reply and solution to any queries on the same day. I would have no hesitation in recommending neotrax as a document management solution to any other business.

— Helen Storey

Musgrave Group

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