Bishopstown Credit Union gains savings by updating mail process with Quadient Impress

Bishopstown case study

Bishopstown Credit Union, a financial cooperative in Cork City, Ireland, provides a range of financial services to 25,000 members. On average, the credit union mailed approximately 10,000 letters per month, and took about an hour to put 100 letters/statements into an envelope, which translates into a huge chunk of staff labour. To automate this printing and mailing operation, and to find a more secure process, Bishopstown implemented Quadient Impress, an intelligent document output management solution that transformed the way the credit union manages its outgoing correspondence:

• Documents are seamlessly and securely routed to a state-of-the-art mail preparation facility for printing with no manual intervention
• Full audit trail so mail can be tracked easily
• Helps ensure GDPR compliancy
• Reduction in postal rate from 95 cents to 62 cents per envelope
• Savings of 3 hours per day from the old, menial mailing process
• 100% data integrity and security so direct mail is always delivered to the right person

"We've always been very happy with Quadient. It's important to have a business relationship where you can trust the people you do business with—that you’re not just seen as a customer but that it’s a partnership.”
— Brian Dennehy, Operations Manager, Bishopstown Credit Union

Download the full case study to learn more.