E.ON electrifies customer communications strategy with Quadient Inspire

E.ON case study

“Our partnership with Quadient is a crucial element of E.ON’s correspondence management strategy, both now and in the future. The benefits of our endeavour with Quadient are apparent, as we see increasing adoption across the company. I was very happy when I first saw everything in production; it is the best solution on the market for E.ON’s needs.”
—Christian Bandilla, Center for Enablement Lead – Correspondence Management at E.ON

The E.ON Group, one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks, energy infrastructure, and provider of innovative customer solutions for 50 million customers, reached a crossroads in 2017 when its two core customer correspondence platforms—one for mass communication and another for ad-hoc communication—were reaching end-of-life, forcing a choice between upgrading, or rethinking its approach to communications. Rather than running separate platforms in parallel, E.ON moved to one single platform, Quadient Inspire, that covered both elements, giving E.ON a centrally-managed landscape, with reusable templates, designs and fonts/layouts.

As a result:
• E.ON can create complex customer-facing documents two times faster than before
• E.ON is able to provide central changes within minutes, where previously it would have taken months
• Business teams are empowered to take more of the customer correspondence process into their own hands, while IT teams are freed up
• Easy access due to intuitive use of Inspire Designer and Interactive let E.ON drive digital transformation collaboratively between business and IT