Guide to Winning CCM Contractual Compliance Audits

Tips & tricks to minimise the impact of a surprise audit

legal contract displayed on iPad screen

Defending Against CCM Software Audits: Expert Q&A 

If your organisation is bracing for an economic slowdown, then it's safe to assume that your technology vendor is too. To prepare for tough financial times, some technology vendors may use contractual compliance audits to help offset rising costs. These audits look for any potential non-compliance or usage exceeding entitlement agreements that could warrant overage fees. Fortunately, you're not defenseless.

Download the infographic to find out how to:

  • Create a compelling, fact-based defense to effectively respond
  • Collect the right reference data, information, and answers in advance 
  • Go into an audit with a full understanding of your rights and obligations
  • Position yourself to switch to a more transparent vendor - if needed


Prepare today to keep your CCM software budget stable in 2023 and beyond.