Top Notch Distributors was able to see a 3x increase in their 100% customer communication coverage with Quadient AR

Find out how they were able to automate their AR communications and tasks through events.

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Top Notch Distributors had a couple of issues, specifically communicating with past due invoices. Being in the distribution business they have a large number of customers, currently they have around 1,700 customers with active AR, and they invoice around 60,000 invoices a month. It became too much for their credit team to keep on top of those accounts having to consistently call or email them manually. They found it very hard to communicate with them until an invoice was severely past due.

With the implementation of the Quadient AR solution, they saw many benefits:

  • automate routine emails to their customers before the due date with emails going out from Quadient AR; 5, 10, 15 and 20 days after the due date customized to the customer
  • facilitate the payment process for their customer, making it easy for them to pay them via the link in the email we send to them
  • customers can also view or download statements and invoices anytime they want
  • if a customer goes past due, it creates a task filtered by the customer for the credit team to follow up on 

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