Webinar Replay: The State of Print & Mail Outsourcing: How SMBs Can Make Customer Communications a Competitive Differentiator​

As customer expectations continue to rise, customers are less willing to tolerate inconsistent and poorly executed communications from companies they do business with. Despite the trend towards paperless adoption, consumers are not fully satisfied with a purely digital communication strategy. Fortunately, one of the simplest strategies for retaining customers and their loyalty is consistent and compelling communications across all channels, including print. ​

Watch the webinar replay to gain insight from our VP of Global Product Marketing, Valerie Colin as she discusses with the Founder and CEO of Aspire, a lead consulting firm specializing in customer communications. They will discuss why SMBs are adopting an outsourced mail solution to revolutionize their manual customer communication workflows while increasing customer loyalty and retention. ​​

During this replay session, you will get insights on: ​​

  • How the current business environment has impacted the way SMBs send customer communications​

  • What the outlook is for print and mail outsourcing ​

  • How mail outsourcing is helping SMBs optimize customer retention, gain efficiency, and save costs​

  • How you can get started with selecting and implementing an outsourced solution​

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