Digitise your invoicing process

All companies send and receive invoices. Depending on the industry, some experience higher volume levels of monthly invoices than others. Managing invoices through manual paper-based processes puts your business at risk of late payments and human error. With 41% of companies still currently operating in this format, it's no surprise that by 2024 it is predicted that 47% of businesses will work solely through digital channels.

Whether it's a demand for customised information through preferred digital channels or mandatory by legislation, as is the case with more and more countries, it's important for companies when deciding on how they deliver documents, such as invoices, to their customers in a channel that meets expectations and provides the best experience.

On December 7th, Quadient experts Valérie Colin and Antony Paul hosted the webinar “Digitising your invoicing process: a critical time for SMBs”, where they discussed the need for businesses to transform their processes. Sharing best practices for a strategic step-by-step process.

Watch the on-demand webinar, and you’ll learn the following:

•    Why now is the time to transform - the external factors driving SMBs to go digital
•    The current challenges SMBs face with invoicing
•    What an optimised invoice process looks like, from invoice creation to payment
•    The benefits SMBs will experience by going digital
•    How to start your own transformation journey - best practices and a step-by-step process