Benefits of electronic document management


Space Saving

Replace paper files and filing cabinets with secure digital archives

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Faster Distribution

Route documents electronically for on-line processing and approval

Security Shield


Eliminate manual keying errors with automated data capture



Automate processing and retrieve documents quickly

Intelligent Document Capture

Paper files

Scan, extract, classify

Scanning paper documents to easily stored digital files is just the start of the journey to automated document processing.  Our software can capture data from forms, correspondence and screens with built-in validation:

  • Optical character recognition automates manual keying and avoids human errors
  • Support a mobile workforce by utilising mobile data capture. Use a smart phone to digitise paper information, make payments from scanned data, deposit cheques
  • Outsource scanning with our bureau service
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Electronic Records and Document Management

Records management

Track, store and archive documents

Managing digital documents is so much quicker, easier and more accurate.  Our document management system helps you manage, share, store and retrieve documents:

  • improve operational efficiency with quicker searches
  • share easily with on-line distribution to remote teams, with multiple access
  • ensure compliance and reduce risk of keying or filing errors
  • reduce file storage space in offices or desks
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Process Automation and Robotics

Robotic process automation

Improve efficiency in repetitive tasks

Our process automation software helps test and inspect workflows.  Robotic process automation (RPA) has a track record of efficiency gains in repetitive tasks such as financial transactions, claims management, account opening, customer service:

  • Cut operating costs by up to 90%, save effort on data processing tasks that can be 30% of operational time
  • Automate 70-80% rules-based processes through configurable, customisable robots giving 30-200% potential Year 1 ROI
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Process Intelligence and Analytics


Improve process visibility

Process Intelligence and analytics software automates insight gathering, So all your key data are in one place and employees are empowered with timely data for analysis:

  • Right Data, Right Time - base strategic decisions on real-time metrics
  • Track progress of digitisation projects against business goals
  • Place predefined alerts and fixes to critical bottlenecks before negative impacts on customers and clients
  • Monitor team and individual efficiencies, see process impacts across systems, departments and offices
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