Benefits of Kofax Capture

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Boost Productivity

Accelerate repetitive, focus efforts on building revenue and improve accuracy of records and resources.

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Clear data

Control data flow through your organisation, support data compliance goals and uncover data from unstructured sources.

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Scalable Data Management

Ideal for both small teams and enterprises. Add channels as you grow and integrate with RPA or AI solutions. 

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Multi-Channel Data Discovery and Import

Data is everywhere: emails, files, letters, folders, apps and mobile devices. 

Kofax Capture uses Cognitive Document Automation to identify your vital business data from all of these sources (and more) so it can be extracted, processed and routed to the correct recipient or application.

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Effortless Integration

With more than 140 connectors to major line of business applications, Kofax Capture exports data to a wide range of ECM, ERP, BPM and workflow solutions.

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Analytics and Insights

Integrated analytics means you can easily monitor variations in performance within your organisation – even down to the system user, document and index field. Identify the most popular and efficient channels. Pinpoint roadblocks so you can reduce friction and increase productivity.

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Backed by the experts

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