The definitive guide to buying an automated Accounts Receivables solution

The two keys to your successful business are your customers and your cash. As a leader in your business, your focus is to keep your customers happy and your cash flowing. Cash flow problems are a major concern for all organisations. In fact, cash shortages cause 82 percent of small businesses to fail. This is the reason 60 percent of small business owners—even those with money in the bank—worry about cash flow every month.

Understanding the link between financial health and business strength, smart business owners are always on the lookout for ways to improve their organisations’ cash flow. Often, opportunities for cash flow improvement are overlooked in back office systems like accounts receivables (AR). But the opportunity for improvement here can be rich. Literally.

This eBook explores:

  • The challenges of relying on a standard AR system. 
  • Why today’s Revenue Heroes are investing in automated AR solutions.
  • The features you should consider when shopping for your new AR system.
  • What you can expect the AR automation buying process to look like.
  • Other factors you should keep in mind while assessing your options.