Person viewing invoice on smartphone and laptop

As technology advances and digitally savvy customers are able to access information at any day or time on any device from anywhere in the world, their demands will fundamentally evolve. Whether it’s demanding customised information through their preferred device and channel or the timing of their communication, it is important for companies delivering business documents, such as invoices, to proactively think about how to meet such expectations and provide the best customer experience.

As a result, more and more companies are choosing to go digital, making document retrieval and management simple, easy and accessible at any time. Going digital provides flexibility and simplicity for your customers and will become a competitive advantage for your business.

As businesses begin to adopt e-invoicing and require that their suppliers send invoices electronically, it will create a network effect with both buyers and suppliers realising the benefits of e-invoicing. These benefits include reduced costs and errors, faster payments and streamlined processes.

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