YayPay by Quadient

Fast, easy and highly predictable accounts receivable automation

man typing on his computer with symbols of data animated

YayPay by Quadient – a SaaS-based predictive and automated AR management platform – helps financial teams perform better, manage receivables more efficiently, and get payments from clients more quickly. By integrating with your existing ERP, CRM, accounting and billing systems, YayPay combines real-time accounts receivables, analytics, and payment predictions to help businesses increase and accelerate cash flow.

Boost Productivity
By automating manual AR tasks through the power of AI and machine learning, you benefit from:

  • Accelerated collections and improved cash flow
  • Happier employees from reduced manual data entry
  • 3X improvement in team efficiency and productivity

Gain Transparency
One platform, one system, and one code base provides visibility across all your AR applications, resulting in: 

  • Happier customers through improved communications
  • Increased working capital with easy to use collection tools
  • A single view into all communications, task creation, invoices and payments

Improve Predictability
YayPay’s unique predictive analytics engine means you get:

  • Smarter business decisions through access to real-time data for credit and collections
  • A healthier business with visibility into KPI’s and forecasting
  • Improved cash flow and productivity with the ability to identify high value vs. high risk accounts

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