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Predictive Customer Insights

Quadient AR’s machine learning-powered system assesses historical buyer behavior, enabling collectors to identify at-risk customers. This information can be combined with credit agency data for users to build credit scorecards and manage credit risk. 

Enhance Analysis

Through a combination of natural language process and machine learning, Quadient AR’s digital assistants scan inbound customer emails and enquiries to appropriately categorize communications and recommend actions.

Reduce Credit Risk

Our platform combines payment history, external data, user-defined criteria and open-search text to provide a full picture of your customers’ payment behavior, helping you to identify trends and minimize risk.

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Continuously Improve

The longer you work with Quadient AR, the more intelligent the buyer scoring data becomes. This flows back into our machine learning models, which continuously improve and iterate as you refine your collections process.

Accelerate Cash Application

If a payment comes in with missing customer information, Quadient AR’s machine learning will search the list of open invoices and suggest the most likely invoice a payment should be applied to based on historical data.

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Mammoth Carbon Products

Quadient AR's reporting and customer communication capabilities have made a big difference. Our AR has become more transparent, making it easier for me and my team to understand the exact state of our accounts.

— Eben Paul


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